Thursday, April 24, 2008


Leah's sewing club is just about finished with the quilt they're making. She has enjoyed the meeting times with her friends, but now realizes that she can make better progress on more projects on her own, so she's not sure if she'll continue with the club next year.

My main work-in-progress is the Josephine top from Interweave Knits.

The slant rib lace section is almost finished and I'm looking forward to the eyelet row and then switching over to a diff. stitch pattern for the top portion. I'm knitting this for Leah in the smallest pattern size, on size 1 needles, but I still think it's going to turn out too big. Hopefully she'll be able to wear it this summer, but if not, maybe it'll be right for next summer. I only started it a week ago, so if it doesn't fit, at least it wasn't a major undertaking and the cotton yarn was harvested from an Abercrombie and Fitch sweater from Goodwill, so that only ran me about $3. Even with all the busy-ness of the slant rib lace, it's an easily memorized pattern and I was even able to make good progress while chatting with a group of friends on Monday evening.

Missing from this WIP report is the Leah's wrap cardigan, her first sweater. That's because, after a marathon of knitting to have it ready for the knitty-ful Saturday and Sunday coming up, it's blocking right now!
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