Tuesday, April 15, 2008

condensed creep

I had to laugh this morning when I read Anne's post about yarn creep and then turned my head to the left. Our projects are generally contained to my office, but ooh, the stuff bubbles up fast and oozes out of the closet and all over my desk at an alarming rate!

Believe it or not, I cleaned this space on Sunday. (It is now Tues., 8 a.m.) Also unbelievable: this is a real office from which I conduct business and do the work that supports this goofy family o' mine.

Included in this condensed sprawl, clockwise from the orchid:
- crocheted water bottle holders
- sock yarn to be used for fishies
- knitting/weaving books and mags from yesterday's library visit
- knitted fishies
- sock yarn that has been used for fishies
- quilt block of the month supplies
- Leah's sweater pattern (she finished the first sleeve last night)
- another knitting library book
- gloves in progress for my sister
- cotton yarn and hook for another water bottle holder
- Leah's charity quilt
- Leah's 2nd crocheted hat , from handspun yarns

And off to the left there, the stash of fun projects yet to come, including a basket on the floor, filled with the yarn chosen for my next stranded sweater.

Meanwhile, did you notice mention of fishies in the above list? That, my friends, is because we are nearing the time for annual festivities of a most enormous magnitude. You see, this Friday morning will commence the camping debauchery and rituals that accompany Opening Day of Trout Season. :::insert dramatic glorious music and imagine a glowing halo around the sacred trout on a pedestal!::: Scott has been prancing around the house for weeks, giggling with glee, prowling Cabela's, reviewing his equipment, and tweaking details of the weekend camping trip with his buddies.

Since he recently asked me to knit him another hat, I figured I'd make a few of these guys and see if I could wrangle them into an ultra-silly hat. Still not sure if it'll work, but I also have an alternative plan. Either way, I'm doing my part to keep his bald noggin warm while he goes off to play with the fishies (and the guys who love them) this weekend.

BTW, if you're a fan of Pink Floyd and ever get the chance to see The Machine, grab those tix in a heartbeat. They are amazing, fantastic, phenomenal. Go. And take me with you! :-)
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