Tuesday, April 08, 2008

in no particular order

I'm covering somebody's full-time job in one of my offices for 2 wks, so this is a quickie, but I wanted to share a few of our recent projects.

Leah and I spent much of Saturday at a charity quiltathon at the local quilt shop. She made a simple quilt of 6" strips, using quilt-as-you-go construction. She, of course, needed to do much flitting about the shop, talking it up with various quilters and store employees, so we took turns on the sewing. Our quilt was bound off by the end of the day and will be donated to the Hole In the Wall Gang Camp.

Our old water bottle carriers are in pretty tough shape, so I crocheted a new carrier out of cotton. Since we were always fidgeting with different carriers for different family members, based on the length of the straps, I got smart this time and put a button on the end of the strap, so it's adjustable in length. This prototype has been deemed a winner, so I'll make a few more soon.

Our old house has been through a lot over the years, as misguided previous owners remuddled it, added onto it in an agonizingly ugly way, turned it into a multifamily and back to a single family house, rented out rooms, etc. Anybody who's ever been here knows we've been slowly but surely fixing it up over the years, trying to undo the damage that's been done and then move forward with something more suitable. For instance, there's a lot of woodwork here. Much of it was painted turquoise or orange at some point in the past, possibly when the Brady Bunch was popular? Beautiful chestnut trim, painted orange! Gah!! Scott has spent countless hours stripping, sanding, and refinishing the windows, window trim, and baseboards, so most of them look great now. Some of the interior doors still look like this, though:

When we remodeled the downstairs bathroom and back hallway a few years ago, the door to the back stairway was taken down. It was in terrible condition and the frame needed to be repaired. That project kept being pushed off, until recently. When I came home from my client's office yesterday, I was greeted by a very proud Scott, eager to show off his most recent project. Niiiice.

Pretty gloves FO pics to come!
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