Sunday, October 03, 2010

something for everyone

Yesterday was atlatl day. If you've been reading here for a while, you may remember from past blog posts that this is a favorite event of Jesse's, so, for the umpteenth Saturday in a row, the boy and I were up and out the door early for a trek to something he was excited about. Little did we know that I'd enjoy the day every bit as much as he did.

I had a great walk along some trails of the state park and found a perfect little cabin.

I ran into a few delightful knitters over the course of the day, including this vendor; a woman who used to own a yarn store; and a couple of white-haired women who were on a bus tour where somebody else was knitting socks during the rides and there I was, also knitting socks while waiting for something, and they thought that was just about the best idea ever and they were both inspired to go home and dig out their long-stashed knitting supplies and get back to it.

I finished the lacy baktus scarf and, with it being October in Connecticut, put it to use right away for a walk along the boardwalk with Knitajourney and Stuff You Should Know podcasts in my ears. I wasn't terribly enthusiastic about this scarf all along, but it turns out that I just might love it. As a matter of fact, I just might be planning to cast on for another one. The size and shape make it that good.

I joined in on a wild edibles talk and group walk that included tasty snacks and a cool group of interesting and interested folks.

Life is good. :-)
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Blogger neknitsandbeads said...

Funny, I had/have the same thoughts about another baktus.

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