Tuesday, September 28, 2010

whatta weekend

It started on Friday with a remote control airplane flyers club with Jesse (where I met a super nice knitter from Maine), then to Taekwondo with Leah, then the haunted corn maze with both kids. Saturday morning, Jesse and I headed to NY for Makerfaire, a.k.a. tinkerers' happy place. Since crafting is also part of making, I felt right at home among the yarny goodness.

The boy, though, was out of his mind with delight. Arduinos! 3D printers! Pulse jet motors! Steampunk contraptions! Tesla coils! Life sized Mousetrap game! CNC machines! Mentos and Coke! Geeks and freaks galore!

I had a blast watching Jesse, who was in his element and drinking it all in. And when I wanted to rest in the shade for a little while, I crocheted up a square to add to the rocket yarnbomb for the weekend, eventually to be made into blankets for charity. Ran into a couple of knitbloggers along the way too.

Sunday, up bright and early for another fabulous farmers' market. Really awesome how the work blends seamlessly with the party, the social aspect, the fabulous a cappella and folk music, and how fast the time goes. Rock on!


Hey, just noticed I'm in the pics on the blog of the woman who did the rocket yarnbombing at Makerfaire. On her Sept. 26 post, 3rd pic from the bottom, that's me in the blue shirt (really? that's me? that's like a normal sized human!), crocheting away in the shade as fast as possible so I could meet Jesse at the Eepybirds show on time.
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Blogger gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Fun to see you at Makers Faire. What a scene.Glad I didn't miss it!

11:28 AM  

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