Tuesday, September 14, 2010

little bits

I was recently given a nearly completed baby blanket knit by my BIL's grandma. She passed away before finishing it, so it was given to me to finish off and donate somewhere. It ends up that all it needed was to finish casting off a small portion and weave in the ends, so I did that, give it a wash, and donated it to Project Linus through my favorite LYS.

Just a little bit of effort on my part, but a BIG baby blanket added to the donation pile! The grandma's knitting basket, needles, patterns, and some yarn were scooped up at our local put-and-take (freebie swap space at the dump) before Scott even pulled out of the parking lot. Yay. Pass it on, folks. It's all good.
On Friday, I chauffeured Jesse to yo-yo club and struck up a conversation with a quilter who was hand-stitching the binding on a wedding gift quilt while her son yo-yo'ed. She doesn't knit and I don't quilt, but we shared the passion for making useful items by hand and had a great conversation.

This girl wound up her yo-yo string and came over to chat a couple of times during the evening. She wanted to know all about the knitting, all about the quilting. So much interest. So sweet. Between all the chatting, I only got a little bit done on my Lacy Baktus scarf, but I didn't mind.
I started these socks way back in April, when we were heading out on vacation. Finished the first one soon afterward, but realized it was too long, hanging off my toes by more than half an inch. That's what I get for not trying it on when it was time to start the heel gusset because I was at the beach and didn't want to put it on my sandy foot.

Figuring I'd deal with it later, I went ahead and knit the second sock in little bits here, little bits there. A few evenings ago, I threaded my needle through a row of stitches of the long sock at the place where I wanted the toe decreases to start. I snipped a thread, expecting to easily zip off the excess and then knit the toe. But the socks were knit toe up and this repair would be knit top down, so I actually had to unweave the yarn through all the stitches around the row. Still no biggie, but not the quick fix I was imagining. Eventually, though, I ended up with a pair of socks that fit well and feel great.

Random bit: Live music I've enjoyed in the past three days: Carolina Chocolate Drops on Saturday, Echo Uganda on Sunday, and little bit of bagpipe music on Monday. :-)
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Blogger Rani said...

Bagpipe! My dad plays the bagpipe, oddly enough.

Hooray for socks - and just in time for autumn.

Those baby blankets can take longer than expected. I have to finish one by Sunday (yes. I started another new project) for my cousin, BUT it's being crocheted instead and it's flying along.

What a nice thing you did - finishing it and donating it.

1:01 PM  

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