Thursday, July 22, 2010

you just never know

You just never know where you're going to bump into a knitter or someone who is interested in knitting. I got a few rounds in on a sock while waiting for screening for a blood donation. When it was my turn for the million Red Cross questions, the phlebotomist was instead all about the knitting questions!

It ends up that she knows only the very basics, wants to learn much more. She asked about the circular needles I was using, what about the "little stick ones" (DPNs), how difficult it is to follow patterns, what age Leah was when she learned, etc. It was a totally fun discussion and could have gone on for much longer, but she was working and I was squeezing this appointment into a very full workday, so I referred her to Ravelry and, and continued on with an easy peasy donation.

You also just never know when a free concert is going to knock your socks off. Like last night's show, part of the summer concert series in my town, which was almost derailed by some seriously fierce weather. But then the skies cleared for a few evening hours, we set up our vendor booth, the people came out in droves as soon as the rain ended, and the band went on stage as planned. I wouldn't have known it from the name of the band, but it ended up being four of the original members of Santana, who played a killer show while we sold pizzas and cookies almost as fast as we could.

I have just another hour and a half of work to go and then we're outta here for a fun little farmers' market on what is probably one of the most sparkling days of the year. You just never know what good stuff is out there, waiting to happen. I can't wait to see what's next!
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Blogger Rani said...

Hmm. How old WAS Leah when she learned to knit? I think I really ought to get going with my own kids. They have dabbled, but I haven't been consistent with them.

The concert evening sounds wonderful. Pizza and a good band? Awesome.

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