Monday, August 09, 2010

Shakespeare, shots, and shrooms

The weekend in pictures:

Friday, Shakespeare's The Tempest, performed on the pier in New London, shown with my current sock-in-progress, which I think is just about ready for casting off.

Saturday, Rebels to Redcoats at Old Sturbridge Village. One of my kids was there for the military history and one for the textiles/fashion history. Leah was in full costume and fit right in with the many, many reenactors who contribute to the weekend. She had just finished sewing a bag on commission for a reenactor friend, so she gave it a test run on Saturday and it worked out well.

It was also the biggest number of attendees I think I've ever seen at Old Sturbridge Village. This is a portion of the enormous crowd gathered for the battle (you can see gunsmoke to the left) on this spectacular day. It's like old home day for us too, running into people we know from high school, from being longtime members at OSV, from hanging out with reenactors, from participating in military history miniature gaming groups, from here, there, and everywhere. Interesting conversation about whitework embroidery and spent a good while chatting with the man who was the leader of the British troops x 16 years.

Sunday, Fungus Festival at the Coventry Farmers' Market, including all sorts of mushroomy foods, a surprisingly large group of mycologists offering and participating in lots of mushroom-related activities, and a steady stream of happy customers.

Today, back to work. So I can rest. ;-)
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Blogger Rani said...

I've never seen a revived battle before. It's on my bucket list. We were just talking about planning a trip out east to explore the history out there. I will definitely have to plan it around watching some of these events.

Theater at the pier . . . with knitting = heaven.

Have fun shroomin'.

8:29 AM  
Blogger LaurieM said...

Is it customary to go without shoes? Is Leah being authentic or is she without appropriate footwear? :-)

10:50 AM  
Blogger livnletlrn said...

Laurie, it depends on your reenactment character. The British soldiers wear boots, definitely, but plenty of the militia men are barefoot. Same with the women. Some are in high fashion for the times, but others, like Leah, are working women on farms and might go barefoot in the summer.

Especially if their semi-historically-appropriate shoes gave them blisters and the Band-Aids were wayyyyy far away, in the car at the distant end of the parking lot. ;-)

12:36 PM  
Blogger Leah at Cotton Hollow Creations said...

Not true! I had band-ads in my bag,I just chose not to use them ;)

8:51 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

That's quite a crowd at Sturbridge! My goodness.

The fungus festival - now that's something my hubby would enjoy!

1:32 PM  

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