Tuesday, April 29, 2008

a happy 9-and-11/12ths-year-old

Leah whipped up this crocheted bag just before we left for Hawaii this winter, so I don't think I ever got around to putting pics of it on the blog. She nabbed some yarn from the stash, made up the crocheted stitch pattern and the design while I was working in a client's office.

Then she picked out a coordinating glass button, made by her dad.

And lined it with rip stop nylon so her knitting needles wouldn't poke through.
She says it's a happy knitting bag, that it just looks happy and also makes her feel that way! Even though the bag is now a couple of months old, it's well suited to this post because happy is a recurring theme around here.

She/we had such a great time this weekend and are still flying high. As if day 1 of fiber fantasia weekend at CT Sheep and Wool wasn't enough, it was followed with day 2's romp to Webs. She was tickled to be greeted by Stephanie with, "Hi Leah, it's good to see you again!" and to party among some of her favorite peeps.

But the fun didn't end with the weekend. Leah has squealed with delight since then, upon seeing herself and her friends on the Yarn Harlot's blog and the Webs blog and Handmade by Jennifer's blog and Maaike's Survival of the Knittest blog and mentioned on Amy's Live, Learn, Knit blog! And the follow-up messages from friends just keep on coming!

We especially got a kick out of how Maaike described Leah as "9-and-11/12ths-years-old," because you know every month matters when you're on the verge of turning 10. :-)

Yup, happy all 'round. What a great knitting community.
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Blogger amy said...

Let Leah know I would have mentioned her by name and said a bit more about her, but I wasn't comfortable saying too much about somebody else's child on my blog. Does that make sense? Otherwise I would have mentioned how she's on Ravelry and is a fantastic knitter in her own right. :)

3:27 PM  
Blogger Jennifer Lori said...

Hi! (I couldn't find your email anywhere, so I'm leaving this as a comment). It was great to meet you both, and I'm so glad that Leah was happy to see her name around. She deserves it- what a talent she has!


p.s. I wish I had a husband who would just spin me up some yarn when I ran low! :)

5:54 PM  

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