Friday, October 09, 2009

when pigs fly!

Scott's Thursday farmers' market is in Wethersfield, where the historic Main Street area encourages people to put up scarecrows each year. They're fun and funny and creative and quirky. Here's Frank Einstein in front of the inn adjacent to the farmers' market. Scott's bakery booth is to the left of the inn. The innkeeper fancies cinnamon sticks. :-)

Over the course of the season, we've made some friends at that market too. The local farmers honk and wave as we pass them on the bridge over the river, heading to Wethersfield to set up each week. One of them is even a knitter! (Hi, Jen!) She's knitting a scarf with this funkystuff that has a dark strip of loosely knitted fabric attached along this green fine knit fabric. She pokes her needles into the dark strip to knit, leaving the green stuff to gather into a ruffled fabric on the front. Weirdest knit I've ever seen, but the resulting stuff feels great and looks pretty cool.

This market is smaller than the Sunday market for Scott, but every bit as profitable and enjoyable, with the friendly vendors and customers, locally grown/made foods, fresh flowers, live music and, this month, the scarecrow walk up and down Main St.

My kids have pretty much outgrown trick-or-treating, but they've segued directly into all the adult dress-up fun of costume parties and other Halloween events, which this year will include a uke band gig, Halloween wedding bash (seriously!), and post-trick-or-treating party, so yesterday was chosen as the day we'd work on costume parts. Goodwill was very helpful, as always, but Leah needed some cheap pink yarn for Scott's pirate piggy mask, much of which was already considered done when we found a black crocheted skull cap for $0.99. (We might clip off the sequins, might not. Scott could be a flambuoyant sequined pirate piggy, don'cha think?) No piggy pink in our stash, so we resorted to the unthinkable: Walmart for $1.50 skein of Red Heart.

Heh heh. You need the right tools for the job and this is PERFECT for a quickie costume prop.
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