Thursday, October 08, 2009

a different kind of cobbler

We're having apple cobbler for dessert tonight, but Leah's been a different kind of cobbler lately, the shoemaking kind! With a book borrowed from our library and supplies we had around home, she recently produced her first pair of handmade shoes, stitched entirely by hand and holding up quite well after being worn multiple times.

There are fleece-lined leather boots in progress right now, the leather having been cut from a skirt we got from Goodwill. She modeled the first one yesterday and it looks great, complete with a zipper and plans to attach molded soles that she's taking from an unwanted pair of shoes.

In between her shoemaking endeavors, she knit up a pair of handwarmers on commission.

Just in time for the arrival of chilly weather and increased desire for mugs of warm tea!

Just in case anybody was wondering, I'd like to state here, again, how much I love the Internet. In the past two days, I have used it to:
1. make plane reservations and browse rental houses
2. download forms from the Secretary of State and Dept. of Motor Vehicles offices
3. figure out where we were on one of our recent walks in the woods
4. order underwear and toner cartridges (not from the same store ;-)
5. research knitting patterns (of course!)
6. discover an upcoming performance that I'm psyched to see
7. find a ukulele song that I thought might be sung by Pete Townsend (it was!)
8. find a delicious recipe to use up much of the garden harvest in our fridge
9. introduce my munchkins to the Twilight Zone
10. find a video we wanted to see, available in a nearby library
11. earn a living that I love.

Three cheers for having the whole world at our fingertips!
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Blogger Turtle said...

when we moved to hawaii years ago i was concerened about being able to find things easily (little did i know our island was more urban than home!) the internet was just catching on and what a friend i made of it!

9:45 PM  

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