Friday, September 25, 2009

knitting ukers!

Hey, there can only be so many knitting ukulele players in the world, so when Leah heard that Amy Singer (editor of Knitty, author of No Sheep for You and other books, AND uke player!) was coming to Webs, I asked if she wanted to go. heh if there was ever any doubt that Leah would want to spend an evening among the knitter peeps and especially another knitter who knows the raucous fun that is uke playing!

We met some old friends and new, bought some more dye as I gear up for my next experiment, and learned all sorts of cool stuff about knitterly fibers that are wool-free, since Amy is allergic to wool and is traveling far and wide to sing the praises of silk, Berrocco Comfort, bamboo, Berrocco Comfort, tencel, Berrocco Comfort, cotton, Berrocco Comfort, etc. ;-)

And then there were fun give-aways, book-signing and chat time. Amy's uke was back at her hotel room, but Leah brought hers in and Amy gave it a few strums of Secret Agent Man!

Even though Amy's book is called No Sheep for You, we found a way for her to have a couple of sheep.

Party girls, no less, with bows in their curly locks. They must be ready to head out for the awesome fun that is a uke jam, or at least an evening with knitters. :-)
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Anonymous CTJen said...

OMG! That uke dude's baby is SO cute!!

12:29 PM  
Blogger Rani said...

Your daughter is so cool! She really is special. Such an individual. What a fun adventure for the two of you.

Love Love LOVE those sheep. I have a pair and they are my favorite stitch holders.

8:27 PM  

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