Monday, July 14, 2008

rounding it out

This weekend was filled with decluttering, working on the porch renovations, weeding the garden, and concern for a daughter who has not been feeling well. When a baker and a medical transcriptionist try to pull together all the details of designing/clapboarding/tiling/waterproofing/milling a 100-year-old house's exterior, it kind of makes the brain hurt. Which is exactly the problem Leah has been having for 10 days. Sometimes her headache is better (low grade, so she can have some fun, but it's still there) and sometimes it's worse, to the point of puking. She's been to the doctor once so far, had bloodwork, on meds, still no clear diagnosis and no improvement. Will call doc's office again today.

Anyway, despite the Goob not feeling well and the dirty, sweaty, sometimes scary/baffling projects at home, there's been plenty of good stuff mixed in, including dinner on the patio of a local restaurant w/ my mom on Friday and an outdoor concert yesterday evening to round out the weekend. While Scott did some fishing with a buddy, the kids and I hung out with a little dancing friend...

and her awesome pooch, knitter mom (with another little dancer in the works), and cool grandparents.

I've been working on the body of Jesse's Durrow-inspired sweater, which looks just like the 2nd pic of this post, except longer. Only five or so more inches of mindless ribbing until I get to figure out the shoulder strap shaping. I'm surprised I've been able to work on this very wooly project into mid-July, but happy it's still moving along. I have come to believe that there's some sort of magic in coned yarns, which seem to last f-o-r-e-v-e-r, an admirable quality in yarn and even better when obtained at tag sale prices. :-)
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Blogger amy said...

Did they test her for Lyme, too? I assume so, given where you live, but it always comes to mind for me. It can present so many ways. Good luck, and I hope they figure out what's wrong soon.

7:38 AM  
Blogger Sue said...

hey there, sorry to hear that leah hasn't been feeling well. glad that you're having a good summer! maybe we'll run into you sometime. :-)


10:17 AM  

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