Friday, June 27, 2008

bits and pieces

There are plenty of projects going on around here, as always, but I have nothing major to show you today. Thought for a moment that I didn't even have anything to say, but I was wrong. :-) In no particular order, highlights of this week's projects:

Scott is making square buttons now. I like 'em a lot. These are cobalt with silver wisps. The cobalt looks almost black when there's not light shining through, but there's a place for black and silver buttons too. They'd look great on a gray cardigan.

We spent an evening with Kathy Goldner of Knitting Out Loud audiobook company on Monday. I've been working in a client's office this week and thoroughly enjoying the No Idle Hands audiobook during my rides.

Bren's gloves fit her well. I reached the halfway point on Undulating Waves scarf #2 (haven't taken a pic of that one yet) after dinner on their deck on Tuesday. This scarf, like its predecessor, is a people magnet. I had fantastic knitting/stitching conversations with two people while waiting to donate blood on Monday and one person while waiting for Jesse on Tuesday.

I scored a free cedar chest recently and transferred the stash to it. Since the stash is currently of a size that means it'll be around for a while, keeping it safe from moths is a good thing. Rummaging through it all in the transfer process was fun too!

Leah finished a neckwarmer this week and cast on for the February Lady Sweater yesterday.

Ravelry projects pages (livnletlrn and cottonhollow) have been updated. The Goob's knitting has come a long way in the past year or so. It's great to see how many folks have already left comments on her work or added her projects to their favorites. Big boosts for a young knitter!

Not fiber- or glass-related, but creative nonetheless: Jesse has been designing an air-powered pvc gun for a while and finally was able to put it all together yesterday. It works very well and he's psyched!

Okay, off to client's office. At least I've managed to get one swath of the scarf pattern repeat done while in the office each day.
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