Saturday, June 21, 2008

b'day gifts

Leah's off to a friend's birthday party later today, so earlier this week she went to work on gifts. She chose to knit the Coronet hat in Reynolds' Tipperary Tweed, a skein of which was part of our score at the yarn tag sale bonanza this spring. (BTW, have I mentioned lately how much we love having the resultant stash at our fingertips for instant gratification playtime? Very much!) The hat turned out super thick and squishy, and was, as expected, transformed beautifully by blocking.

She also made this little drawstring pouch, following an amulet pouch pattern that was available on Magknits but apparently went bye-bye when that site imploded. Inside this pouch is one of our favorite dice games, in hopes that her friend and friend's family will enjoy it as much as we do.
The enthusiastic knitter has since shifted gears and is working on some beaded cross stitch projects, also gifties, designated for future occasions.
Meanwhile, her dad happily melts glass each day, thoroughly enjoying coming up with ideas for his Etsy shop. No idle hands around here!
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