Monday, June 23, 2008

glove love 2

Pattern: Karendipity's hand painted gloves

For: My sister

1. Long tail cast-on.
2. Personalized some finger patterns, like adding my sister's initials to the front of the right index finger and a big Z (nephew's initial) to left ring finger.
Otherwise, I followed the pattern as written, already knowing from the first pair I made that it's an excellent pattern.

What I learned:
1. It takes almost as long to weave in the ends on a project like this as it does to actually knit it, but somehow it all seems worth the effort.
2. My sense of timing is a bit off, given that it's almost July.

Random: I live on a tiny patch of land near the center of a 35,000-person town, but there's a pond and a patch of woods nearby, so we enjoy seeing wildlife in our teensy yard more often than I'd expect. Yesterday's critters included a growing flock of turkeys! Hazy pic, but not too bad, considering it was snapped from behind a window screen.
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Blogger amy said...

I love when we get turkey visits. Yesterday there was one outside our bedroom window at about 5:30 am. They are LOUD! We see them around here quite often. I always get a kick out of them. Once I counted several adult turkeys and 23 poults walking through the scrubby on the edge of the yard on their way to cross the street. All the poults hopped off a rock the exact same way. Very cool sighting.

8:42 AM  

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