Monday, June 30, 2008

arts and eats

We finally made it to the farmers market yesterday. The kids ran around with their friends, enjoying snacks and activities, checking out the vintage cars, chatting with vendors and sampling their goodies. We weren't there five minutes when we ran into some people we know. We got some early season corn for the evening's cookout. Scott had an especially good time chatting with weavers and Dennis Peabody, whose dichroic glass work we've admired for a long time.

Kids' friends came home with us for the remainder of the day, so while they were all having a blast in their own way, Scott made some floral buttons on a salmon background.

My afternoon was spent taking care of some work-related business and doing errands -- and getting caught in a spectacular but short-lived downpour! The sun came out again in time for our cookout (mmm...sweet local corn!) and marshmallow roast. Five unexpected hours of work have been added to my day today, so here we go!
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Deb--Where was the Farmer's Market? Is it every weekend? DebiP

4:10 AM  

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