Wednesday, June 18, 2008

randomness between the zap-booms!

The lightning and thunderstorms have been spectacular lately. When we're not in the middle of a downpour, I have tried and tried to take a good pic of the undulating waves scarf, but it's always too dark or the beads are sparkling too much or something. I haven't been able to capture the subtle iridescence of the yarn and the beads, so this post-blocking pic will just have to do. Trust me, though, when I tell you that it's a winner. The bit of weight added by the beads makes it feel incredibly good to wear and it goes with everything I own.
Milestone in Jesse's life: He's now taller than Scott. My 13-year-old is over 6 ft. tall, just a wee bit taller than his dad. Just for the fun of it, I looked up the average height chart for adolescent males. See that blue star? The one that's about 5" above the 100th percentile for 13-year-olds? Yeah, that's my mutant moose boy. Sheesh.
We saw two more Shakespeare performances last weekend, bringing the summer 2008 total to four Shakespeare shows to date, with at least two more still on the calendar. One was a modernized Midsummer Night's Dream version that included break dancing and rapping mixed with the original language. As if Midsummer Night's Dream wasn't already enough hilarious fun, this took it to the next level. Fantastic! The thunder rumbling outside the auditorium was a nice bonus while the fairies made their mischief. Raucous good Shakespearean fun.

As far as I'm concerned, every day is knit in public day, but Saturday was the official World Wide Knit In Public Day, so we spent a couple of pleasant hours in the shade of a big tree, near a fountain on a town green, knitting with new and old friends. I didn't get a shot of the whole group, but here are a few of the folks at the gathering. Again, rumbles in the sky as the afternoon was coming to an end, and we weren't quite ready to go home yet had taken a poor new-to-Connecticut knitter under our collective wing and were showing her the paths to yarn in the area, so most of us moved the party to the nearest yarn store for a while longer.

Scott's been fishing just about every other day lately, including on a friend's boat for Father's Day and along the CT River with friends, followed by free salsa dancing lessons (kids and I went along for that evening). We have had no fish dinners to show for it, but there are a lot of other benefits to these outings, like strolling in a park along the river and taking time to notice the setting sun through a heart-shaped hole in an enormous gnarled tree.

Simple pleasures, summertime happiness.
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