Friday, July 04, 2008

red, white, and blue, knittah style

Whew, so a little bit of expected extra work this week turned into three days of covering somebody's full-time job, in addition to the evening plans every day. This means that the first day of this long holiday weekend morphed into a(nother) catch-up day for me. Luckily, we hadn't made any big plans for the day, since Leah woke up feeling cruddy and the weather is pretty dismal, so we're all just having a mellow day at home. Nice!

Still, it's the 4th of July, so when I thought of doing a blog post, I smiled upon the realization that the current works-in-progress are red, white, and blue!
First, there's Leah's February Lady Sweater, being knit out of three strands of coned yarn from our stash -- two strands of blue (one cobalt, one navy) and one strand of purple. Together, they read as a semi-solid, subtly mottled, purpley-blue.

The red and white (and gray) project is the beginning of a pair of Edelweiss Mittens. Rosie's Yarn Cellar blogged about them on Monday; I read the post on Tuesday and cast on that same day, having recently realized that all my current WIPs were mindless knitting and I don't like to do mindless knitting when I am able to concentrate on a project. I'm using some of the vintage wool my Gram gave me a few years ago, some of which was overdyed with Kool-Aid a year ago. I grumble a bit on the awkward few rows that use all three colors, but otherwise this has been a fun project that's zipping right along.

Happy 4th of July and happy long weekend!

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