Friday, June 20, 2008

reporting from The House of Halters

Ever since the Goob discovered the cool comfort of wearing halters in the summertime, she can't get enough of them, so this week I cast on for the fishtail lace from the Lelah pattern and followed the same basic procedure as the Goob did for her Halterrific top.

This halter just sort of appeared out of nowhere. I cast on one day, followed the pattern for a repeat of the lace, and then it was intuitive enough that it became the social knitting du jour. Other than one error in my positioning of a yarnover, which is screamingly obvious in the photo above, the lacy fishtail repeats just magically flowed from the needles. Blink -- another repeat done! Quickie, quickie, quickie. Blocked only a few days after it was cast on and worn with glee on this beautiful summer day, it's another winner.

If there's another halter in my/Leah's future, we'll make the top triangles with a wider base or slower rate of decrease for more side coverage, and I might add a crocheted edge around the triangles of this one, but for now, this'll most certainly do.
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