Sunday, January 07, 2007

we start 'em young

The menfolk headed out to West Point Museum yesterday to feed their appetite for military history. Leah and I stuck around home to work in the garden, listen to The Wind In the Willows, and work on our projects together until a much-anticipated gathering of favorite peeps in the evening.

Last night's knit night included seven adult knitters (one of whom was making a rug instead), four younger knitters (some of whom actually did knit or spin when not prancing about in sequined gowns), a toddler who provided much entertainment, and wee little Maddy, out for her first knit night ever at one month of age.

I sent Maddy's mommy home with this hat, which we hope Maddy will grow into in about five years. I have to chuckle about this hat being big because it's the same pattern and brand of yarn that I used for a previous baby hat. That one was 9-18-month size pattern and turned out too small (although I heard from that baby's mommy yesterday and she said it'll fit him fine this winter, if this winter ever comes), so this time I went up a needle size and stitched the 24-36-month size hat and it ended up way big. :::sigh::: I have gauge issues. Thank goodness babies grow. :-) Anyway, the hat is Dale of Norway's Hedda design, using Baby Ull and variegated Socks That Rock yarn. I always love the subtle color changes when variegated yarn is used in fair isle designs.
My current project is this sweater for Leah. It has progressed considerably since I last blogged about it. I love love love this sweater. I was concerned about running out of burgundy yarn, which was harvested from a Goodwill sweater, but at this point I seem to have plenty left, so onward and upward I'll go. The plain strip in the center is where I'll steek (cut) this sweater to make it into a cardigan. The plain part will roll to the inside and a button band will be knit on. The scrap yarn across the bottom of each piece is holding stitches from my provisional cast-on until I knit a bit of ruffle there. The back is stockinette, which shows off the tencel variegation beautifully with no pooling whatsoever. And yes, it fits her beautifully because the whole pattern was made up based on my gauge with these needles and this yarn, with the help of Jackie Fee's Sweater Workshop. Coming soon: Leah's very own finished object show-and-tell! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That sweater is coming out gorgeous! I love the colors.

I checked out the Maine Fiber Arts link you sent me - oh my! I am so overwhelmed. This might require a summer trip up there as well!

10:23 AM  
Blogger JoVE said...

That baby hat is beautiful. I may have to change my mind about the purpose of a couple of skeins of Koigu I have in the stash. One is plain purple and the other an orange and purple variegated. I'm not sure I have any babies that need hats but friends are planning more so one will presumably appear to wear whatever comes of this...

1:38 PM  

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