Sunday, October 01, 2006

time-space romp, part I

We've been zooming through time and space for the past three days and, boy, I'm tired. Before we get to the time romp, though, I wanted to show you a little project that's recently underway.

On the left below, you can see a nice big cone of variegated tencel that I got at Webs last winter. On the right is some burgundy cotton yarn harvested from a sweater from Goodwill.
I'm knitting 2 strands of the cotton with 1 strand of tencel, in the lace rib pattern (#79) in Stitchionary. I did some simple figuring per Jackie Fee's Sweater Workshop to come up with a planned cardigan for Leah. It's super soft and the effect of the blend is exactly what I hoped for: nice bit of sheen from the tencel and subtle variegation, enough to make this clearly not a solid color but not so much variegation that you lose sight of the lace rib pattern. I don't know if I'll have enough of the burgundy to do the whole sweater, but I have some options in mind if I need to go to Plan B.

The blue yarn at the bottom edge of the sleeve is the result of using a provisional cast-on. This is a new technique for me. It will allow me to knit up the sleeve from the cast-on and then go back and pick up those cast-on stitches that are being held temporarily by the blue yarn, remove the blue yarn, and then knit down to add a ruffled edge, without a seam between the two segments.

This weekend's time traveling began with Friday at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire. Besides the rip-roaring nor'easter that passed through midday, we had a fantastic time. We knew lots of people there, so it was a really comfortable environment, seeing friends everywhere we turned.

Many of our friends were wearing costumes, and we were too. We had heard that the participants in the RenFaire really like the contribution to the fun when folks dress up, and I'd have to say that it does add to the experience to join in like that. Leah's fair maiden dress and Jesse's squire tunic began as a a woman's dress and a man's t-shirt at Goodwill, and they were morphed into Ren costumes with supplies from our stash while watching some travel videos earlier this week. Jesse smite a knight, Leah swooned over fancy finery, and a good time was had by all (once the weather stopped threatening to take us to Oz). Posted by Picasa


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