Friday, December 29, 2006

the next generation

Among the Christmas gifts this year were some special ones made with love by the next generation.

The necklace below was a gift for my sister, made by her son Zach, age 8, with a little help from Uncle Debbie. (I didn't want to be an "aunt" and he already had uncles, so when he was a very little guy and used common sense to apply "uncle" to my name, it stuck.) We used beach glass Zach found when he visited us at the lighthouse, wrapped with the fine pure silver wire that Scott melts onto some beads, accented with sterling and glass beads. Because the silver wire is so soft, it was difficult to keep it from getting kinks as we intertwined the wraps, but Zach worked hard on it and was very happy with his creation. Next is a pair of bobbin holders, made by Jesse as a gift for Leah. He used scrap wood from window trim, cut to shape and sanded soooo smooth, and polyurethaned for a nice shine. The elastics are just some hair elastics from when Leah's hair was long. They'll do a fine job of keeping her new bobbins in order when she's not actively working on her lace. These socks were knit by Leah as a gift for me. I knew she was working on them because I had to help her out, as they are her first pair, but she fooled me by saying they were a gift for grandma. The first sock took months, but she started the second one about 5 days before Christmas and finished it on Christmas eve. High on the pride of having finished a substantial project, she's now on a mission to finish the poncho that she started for herself this spring. And I have discovered that hand knit socks feel good, but hand knit socks received as a gift from someone you love feel GREAT.
We saw Stomp in New Haven last night. Vid clips and images are at their site, but as always, they portray only a smidgen of what happens in a show and don't begin to convey the power and energy of these performances. If you ever get the chance, go. And prepare to never look at a plunger the same way again. :-) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cool. Did Zach love, LOVE his gift? Wish I'd been a fly on the wall for that one. The socks and bobbin holder and necklace are all so lovely and will be cherished forever.

8:31 AM  

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