Saturday, January 06, 2007

thank you, kamikaze birds

There are two stained glass windows in our attic. Every once in a while, a suicidal bird does a dive bomb straight into the glass and shatters it. We occasionally dig around in our stained glass stash, pick a color, and replace the broken piece(s). However, the most recent crash actually caused the whole window to fall in on the attic floor, and it was in pretty tough shape anyway (as is the rest of the exterior of our house), so it was time to take real action.

First, Scott fixed the damaged wood with a product called Sculpwood, which we had read about in Old House Journal. We're pretty tickled by the performance of this stuff so far. Next, he removed all the old paint. He primed and painted, then rummaged around in the glass stash last night. He was up bright and early this morning to cut the glass he had chosen, and set it into place. He came up the stairs this morning to surprise me with the results...


Yes, the new window will be mounted with a layer of plexiglas on the outside to protect it from those crazy birdies. Now to figure out how to fix the rest of the exterior. Hmm... Posted by Picasa


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