Thursday, January 25, 2007

there she goes with the wood again

My scavenging ways + generous friends have resulted in the presence of a lathe in our basement and I am psyched. Scott tidied up his man cave workshop and helped me find what I needed, and even did much of the prep work, since I am way out of my comfort zone in this new little hobby. On Tuesday evening, we fired the lathe up and put it to work.

I found a few sites with info and tutorials for beginner projects and settled on making a few wooden spatulas with turned handles because we have two wooden spatulas that we use all the time and they're getting pretty beat up...and it looked like a really easy project that even a knitter/needleworker beginning woodturner couldn't screw up too horribly. :-)

Yup, the handle on this one is too short. (Leah says it's exactly her size.) We made the 2nd attempt longer. The blade has now been cut away to spatula thickness and is in the process of being sanded down. There's sooo much room for improvement, which is good because this is soooo much fun!
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Blogger JoVE said...

A nostepinne might be a nice beginning project, too, no? Maybe a niddy noddy? The photo of that needle case I mentioned is here

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