Saturday, January 20, 2007

das good wood

Today I spent a large number of hours creating a small wooden box. This was my third project at the CT Valley School of Woodworking and it was at least as much fun as the pen and ornament workshops. Mine is the box just in front and to the left of the one with blue tape around it.

This was listed as a beginner class, and I'm sure in the big scheme it really is a beginner project, but I'm glad I had the experience of the two prior projects so I wasn't going into it completely blind. We used some tools that were new to me and quite a few new techniques. My favorite new term is "jam chuck" and the one I made fit beautifully. The top of my container fits really well, which was my goal, so it gives a champagne-like "pop" when pulled apart from the bottom. I've always marveled at well-fitted woodwork like that and wondered how it was accomplished. Now I know how and can even do it myself. Yahoo! Posted by Picasa


Blogger handpfeather said...

You let me know when you are dovetailing some drawers and we'll talk! LOL

Looking good!

10:31 PM  
Blogger JoVE said...

I have a wooden needle case a friend picked up for me at a wool show that makes that sort of pop. it is really nice and holds the sewing needles for knitting (if you know what I mean). MUCH nicer than those plastic Japanese ones everyone raves about.

8:41 PM  

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