Saturday, July 10, 2010

hot fun

Edited to add: This post was written early this morning, then went kablooey when I tried to publish it. If the timing seems off, that's why.

Tis the season when we're just floating along from fun summer concert to performance to other outdoor event. Too many great options; can't keep up with them all, but we're sure trying! This week started off with jazz on Monday and blues on Wednesday. On Tuesday, Leah mentioned that she wanted to sew a bag for a reenactor friend whose current bag is too small for his daily gear. Next thing I know, she has hand sewn this fully lined bag from stuff in our stash (fabric was a freebie, also used in a dress Leah sewed for herself a few years ago; button snipped off something trash-bound).

At the Thursday farmers' market, she ran into another reenactor who agreed to model it. Just happened to match his cap perfectly!

Hey, when did she learn how to make buttonholes?!
Friday included a barbershop chorus performance and the beginning of outdoor Shakespeare season! Ooh, how we loves us some summer Shakespeare!

Midsummer Night's Dream last night, possibly will go to a diff. show this evening (after taekwondo this morning and a folk music festival in the afternoon), and then we'll have the option of 1-2 performances a week through August. Only a short bit of knitting time before the sun goes down, but such good fun!
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Blogger Rani said...

This is what summer is all about! No tv, no noise (of the static bad sort). Just fresh air, good outdoor theater, music and of course, crafting.

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