Tuesday, May 08, 2007

smithing and sewing

Ever since I first learned to knit socks, I've been wanting to do two socks at a time on two circular needles. I finally gave it a go, did a few rounds, and decided it's not for me. I never have a problem finishing the second sock of a pair and mostly do socks because it's a super small project, so I've decided the extra bulk and extra fiddling just aren't worth it for me. Back to one at a time I go. Isn't this Cherry Tree Hill yarn purty?

Not fiber- or glass-related, but Jesse has had a lifelong interest in blacksmithing, so we go to hammer-ins (this would be the blacksmith version of a stitch & bitch) whenever we can. This past weekend's hammer-in was at the CT Eastern Railroad Museum, where we got lots of tips about setting up our own forge and getting supplies, as well as great conversations with a ferrier and a glass/PMC artist. Bonus prize was checking out the trains, riding on a pump car, and enjoying the fiddler and guitar player's music. Jesse is soooo ready to get into blacksmithing himself now, not just watching it anymore, so we're checking into our options to do that. You can see how much he's paying attention to this friendly and informative blacksmith, with whom we spent much of the day.
Leah is now officially sewing-crazed. We used freebie fabric (from our Freecycle friend, Denise) for her first dress, just in case we didn't choose the right size or something, but it turned out great!

The pattern was a Christmas gift from Grandma, a very simple design with detailed instructions for a new seamstress. We worked through every step together. I haven't sewn anything from a pattern in many years, so I was (re)learning right along with her. She did all the cutting, pinning, and pressing, and most of the sewing. I helped her out with the curved pieces and hand stitching. Even though it's a beginner pattern, it has nice little touches, like the ties in back, the patch pockets, and the bodice being cut on the bias, which is an especially good fit since the fabric we used has a tiny checked pattern. She has worn it continually, with pride and glee.

She's ready to dive into making a second dress and has her own fabric stash from which to choose. She visited her fabric fanatic Grammy yesterday and came home with a big squeal and a bag of fabric scraps. There's some patchwork in progress and book covers in the plans too (small for her paperbacks and large for the biggies, like her current Harry Potter read), and quilted bookmarks and a halter top and shorts and doll clothes and...!


Blogger Claire said...

Wow - how are you going to fit a FORGE in your house?? ;) Now, to keep pace with Leah, Jessie will need to create some clothing with his Blacksmithing skills....and I have no doubt he can do it! Fantastic stuff, Deb!

7:55 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

I am so impressed with the sewing skills. Garment construction is far more complicated than simple patchwork. WTG!

2:31 PM  

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