Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Um, Toto? I don't think we're in Kansas Connecticut anymore. Nope. On Saturday, we were in NY, surrounded by hundreds of people carrying rockets of all shapes and sizes, some big enough to need special equipment to maneuver, including golf carts to shuttle them out to the launch pad and quads to go on retrieval missions.

You learn to be careful where you step so as not to break a rocket fin when at the NorthEast Regional Rocketry Festival! Some of Jesse's rocket club pals earned certification of varying levels, including two Level 3 cert rocket launches that were awesome and gave me goosebumps. Jesse was hoping to get his Level 1 certification while we were there, but there was a glitch in the registration process, so he'll go back to try again later this summer.

Even at a rocketry festival, knitters find knitters. I found two on this day.

A size 1 circular needle comes in handy for undoing a tight knot during a rocket repair. This is Crazy Jim, friend of Wildman Rocketry, who was incredibly helpful when one of Jesse's launches burned through the Kevlar shock cord (yes, burned through Kevlar, the stuff they make fire blankets out of!) and needed a clever repair on the spot.

Big rockets. Sunny day. Loud booms.
Good laughs. Happy boy.
Sock cast-off. Happy mom.

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Blogger Rani said...

Rocketman! What a hobby. I can see my boys loving something like that.

What a beautiful blanket, too - did she share the pattern? So pretty.

Hats off to a great rocketry day and a completed pair of socks.

7:39 AM  
Blogger LaurieM said...

My husband enjoyed looking at the pictures. He used to launch rockets. I think he would like to have come along.

He's got rocket envy... :P

7:47 AM  

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