Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this one's for Christine

The Thinking Mother mentioned our house in her blog post of today. For the most part, she's spot on about how things are 'round here, but there's always a flip side, right? May I present...

Creative kid in her
bedroom studio lair natural habitat,
sewing another shirt for her
historic reenactment volunteer outfit.

Believe it or not, there's a method to her madness. She insists that everything you see here IS where it belongs. The condition of this room has been the subject of blog posts here and here too.

:::sigh::: Mostly, we just keep the door closed. :-)

I have to admit that sometimes my own office doesn't look much better than this. In that case, though, it's usually only a temporary situation, as the results of ongoing decluttering sessions usually accumulate in my office as they're being sorted for trash/recycling/put-and-take/Goodwill/friends/other donation destinations.

Also, Christine? Thought you might like to know that, just yesterday, my guys worked for hours to finish the current rocket-in-progress and Get It Off The Buffet In the Dining Room! It's hanging on the porch to allow the paint to dry now and blast-off is scheduled for this weekend. Somebody should hurry up and dust the dining room before the next project takes up residence there. I believe it's a curse blessing of living an enthusiastic life.
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Blogger christinemm said...

Okay so Leah is a right-brainer!

I am NOT SHARING photos of my right-brainer's bedroom.

There is a LEGO creation 2 years in the making that covers at least 6x8 feet. It would give most people the shivers. Oh and the open drawers with clothes hanging out and other stuff like that... LOL

11:03 AM  

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