Friday, July 06, 2007

chronic startitis, a case study

Patient is a 9-year-old female who complains of not enough time to do all the projects she wants to do. Symptoms started at approximately age five, when patient learned to crochet. Symptoms originally intermittent, now chronic, rated 8 on 0-10 scale where 0 is no projects and 10 is an insatiable desire to make things and learn new skills.

Patient admits to symptoms within minutes of getting out of bed and frequently experiences both primary and terminal insomnia secondary to projects in progress. Patient often mutters, "Just one more row."

Symptoms affect activities of daily living, causing inability to traverse bedroom floor, hypervigilance regarding pointy needles, and difficulty passing yarn storage area without indulging.
Symptoms are exacerbated by blogs, friends who knit, hobby nights, library visits, podcasts, and even the patient's own mother and both the paternal and maternal grandmothers. Family history also includes maternal great grandmother with severe symptoms for more than 80 years. Patient states inspiration is everywhere, all the time.
Symptoms are unaffected by the reality of weather, sizing, or costs, as patient will work on wool projects in the heat of summer, make things knowing "they will fit somebody," and will scavenge fabric and yarn from Goodwill, Freecycle, the dump fairies, cast-offs, and even well-meaning strangers. Patient even admits to offering her father's handmade glass beads or mother's handmade soap in exchange for needles or yarn, with full support of these enablers.

Recommendations for treatment include attendance at meetings with others who share patient's addiction(s), visiting only clean and well lit yarn stores, safe scavenging with savings account prophylaxis, and befriending others who create responsibly. Follow-up is PRN; however, this is anticipated to be a life-long condition.


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Love it. :)

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LOL! Sounds like there was a mistake at the hospital and you got my daughter.

Shawl looks GREAT!

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Patient sounds like my kind of gal!

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