Thursday, January 29, 2009

the startitis epidemic

I couldn't help but laugh when I walked into Leah's room this morning and noticed this chair. How many handknits and WIPs can you spot? I see at least 10! She's like a mad scientist, only with yarn. All the symptoms of Leah's chronic startitis were there a year and a half ago, with a full-blown case now, for which there is (luckily) no cure.

And nearby, a simple woven sash/strap that she's working on using the 4-harness table loom. I think crochet is a gateway drug. It all started off so innocently, but now she's progressed from a simple hook to the big leagues, looms and Addi Clicks, cashmere and silk.

She dove into the Cece cardigan pattern a few days ago and is halfway up the 2nd sleeve now, using yarn we scored last spring. Her version will be longer than shown, and probably even a bit tunic-length so hopefully it'll last her a couple/few years.

Meanwhile, the beadmakerbaker is brewing up some mad science glass button concoctions of his own. These are each 1" in diameter and, besides being really beautiful, I think, there's something uber satisfying about holding them in your hands. We lurves them.

Didja notice the distinct lack of my own projects to share here? That's because my knitting is a major FAIL lately.

I am not knitting a(nother) Forest Canopy Cowl because the Malabrigo Stonechat was pooling.

I am not knitting a green gansey for Scott because the yarn biased terribly.

I am not knitting a doubleknit hat for Scott because now I know I do not enjoy doubleknitting (but at least I have now learned how it's done!).

I am not knitting the myrtle something or other wrap from Victorian Lace Today because it just wasn't floating my boat.

But I am not discouraged, oh no! Something's bound to turn up and go well eventually. Tonight there will be a tossing of the stash and there will be much knitterly inspiration this weekend, so there is hope! Actually, I am knitting another Flutter scarf because I enjoyed that pattern so much, but I can't exactly get excited about it because it's a fall-back route chosen since everything else I've made lately just plain sucks. :-)

There's always weaving or spinning or Viking knitting or house cleaning...nah, I'm not that desperate!
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Blogger christinemm said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear of all the KIPs gone bad.

An unschooling mom from Canada is hosting a vest knitting project on Ravelry. Her blog is Handmade Homeschool, not sure if you ever read it. I'm considering doing it. I guess I should decide soon. LOL.

Am binding off the body of my sweater tonight and starting a sleeve.

I needed a break so began another sweater using a Noro Iro yarn. I needed to work with something with COLOR. LOL.

BTW the center bead in front is my fav! Great work Scott.

7:41 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Leah's room looks like my living room. When Dennis picks up something from the coffee table, it always comes with a tangle of yarn and needles...he gets soo annoyed. Haha.

I like the back two buttons the best!

8:11 PM  
Blogger LaurieM said...

Oh I've been there all right! That's why startitis is a good thing. You need to have several projects on the needles so that when one goes bad, you've still got something to knit.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Joansie said...

Webs will solve that problem. Too many UFO's ....they really are works in progress that sometimes all get finished at about the same Cast on!!!!

7:27 AM  

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