Wednesday, May 05, 2010


My mom finished knitting the border on her Shetland Triangle shawl while in the ICU with my Gram. She bound it off while we were in Florida and handed it to me in scrunchy, lumpy just-knit-lace form, to take home and do magic with my blocking wires.

Ta-da! Made from Alpaca Sox yarn, it's light, cozy, soft, and just big enough to be perfect for a newly retired Floridian who catches a chill while dining at a waterside restaurant, having cocktails on the lanai, or visiting a business where the air conditioning is a little overdone.

While waiting for the doors to open on our favorite used clothing sale a few days ago, I was, of course, knitting on a sock. The woman in front of us, who was wearing clothes that suggest she was from the Middle East and spoke broken English, was very curious about what I was doing, as were her three kids. Next thing I know, she's scurrying off to her car, comes back with a magazine, and opens to a page that had a AAA ad featuring what looks like a whole buncha happy-making handknit socks!

Jesse finished his red scarf practice weaving and removed it from the loom yesterday.

It is too dense to use as a scarf, thanks to his over-enthusiastic use of the beater, so we'll either use it to make pouches or a protective sleeve for his favorite rocket. His selvedges are straight and he had a good time working on it, so maybe there will be more weaving in his future!
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Anonymous Pat said...

Will you block my shawls too?

Gorgeous Shetland Triangle - this one has been in my queue since the book came out!

7:24 AM  
Blogger Faith said...

Gorgeous shawl. You're so sweet to do that for your mom! :)

Jesse: great selvedges! It looks like you're a total natural. My weft always looks too loose while on the loom, and I'm always tempted to overbeat too -- I try to remind myself that not only is it under great tension, but also it all tends to come together in the wash. Hard to believe when it's all stretched out though!

10:01 AM  

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