Saturday, January 30, 2010

d'oh 2

A couple of years ago, I had a twist in the cast-on of a sweater for myself. I called it an accidental mobius at the time (which it's really not, I have since learned) and thought I was quite a knucklehead for not paying better attention at cast-on. Well, apparently I'm still a knucklehead because earlier this week, I noticed a twist in my current green sweater.

Crappy lighting, crappy knitting!

I was out at the time, so I just kept knitting. I was planning to steek this sweater to cardiganize it anyway, so I knew it would be an easy fix.

Snip snip up the steek,
flip 'round that bit to the right.

Continue knitting in the round,
as if nothing ever happened.

At least somebody around here knows what they're doing...

Nice wheel!
Owned by the Nathan Hale Homestead.
Stained, poly'ed, assembled, and tested by Scott.


My friend Sandy, mom to this little cutie and this one, guessed that the yarn-winding happening in this movie was Errol Flynn's Robin Hood. Right on!

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Blogger Rani said...

A good post! The sweater-start looks beautiful. I would have frogged! What a good idea to steek it. I've never tried it.

9:30 AM  

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