Thursday, January 14, 2010

goin on 'round here

Jesse's weaving.

I'm knitting.

Leah's sick, so while she's home, we're making her a duct tape body double/dress form.

This snippet of yarn was dyed in beet/carrot juice this morning.

And we're learning to play the ocarina on our iPhones. Srsly.

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Anonymous random Cindy said...

Cool. All of it. Except Leah being sick of course. She will love having the dressmaker's dummy for all her costume making. Rich made one for me ages ago and I still use it on the rare occasion I actually sew for myself. Search "frances" on my blog or go here:

10:29 PM  
Blogger LaurieM said...

From the picture, I thought Leah was jumping from historical dresses to futuristic dresses. She looks like an adorable robot girl. I hope she feels better soon!

The cuff/sleeve looks great. Nice colors.

7:15 AM  
Blogger Donna said...

OK - I have to go find ocarina now.

8:28 AM  
Blogger Coggie said...

I have an ocarina in a box somewhere, need to find it now.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Pat said...

Love this post!
How on earth does the duct tape body thing work??
We went through a major ocarina phase here :-)

1:37 PM  
Blogger Alison Russell said...

I've been trying to get the resources together to make one of those dressforms where you have someone wrap yourself up in plaster bandages and then fill in with insulation foam when it's hard. Duct tape is much cheaper! I may decide to do that instead!

9:14 AM  

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