Sunday, June 01, 2008


Jesse and Scott spent Friday evening at a parent-teen glassblowing workshop in MA. They each made a drinking glass and Scott also made a glass flower.

Above, Jesse's reheating the gather of molten glass. Below, he's increasing the diameter of the blown glass as it's being rolled to maintain shape.

They both came home totally psyched! Their work needed to stay at the shop for annealing and will be picked up later this week. Since it's difficult to tell what the finished pieces will look like while they're still glowing hot, it'll be a fun surprise for all of us to see the results!

Meanwhile, so far this weekend, Leah and I have attended two Shakespeare performances, The Winter's Tale (outdoors on a beautiful evening) and an adaptation of The Tempest, in which some of our friends were actors. We even popped in for the tail end of a knit night gathering on Friday. Plans for today include a farmer's market (with handpainted fiber!), ice cream social, and day of romping in the woods and by a pond with friends. Yay, spring!
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