Monday, June 02, 2008

who's happiest?

Is it the cute wannabe fisherboys with their sticks-for-poles and hooks that were big enough to catch Moby Dick? Or is it the seasoned fisherman who took them under his wing, provided smaller hooks, general info, and a knot-tying lesson...and then had another young fishing enthusiast (and his definitely-out-of-his-element dad) wander over for guidance too? And in between, the fisherman caught a few fishies and released them again.
Or is it the knitter soaking up the sunshine while reaching the halfway point on the beaded scarf? The scarf which, BTW, is a people magnet. I cannot tell you how many random passersby have commented enthusiastically about this project since its start on Thursday. Also, the Addi lace needles I'm using? Fabulous! I am not picky about my needles in the slightest, using whatever's available in our needle stash at the time, but the p2togtbl w/ 4 laceweight strands was a little tough with the blunt needles I had, so I picked up these lace needles at knit night on Fri. and they won me over.
Or is it our kids, who were romping the park with their friends, stopping in on their bikes for food/drink, then heading off to play in the streams and explore the woods again?

It's all good.
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Blogger linda said...

admiring all the pretty pix in your journal pages...stopped by from your comment in ne_fiber @lj. :) i think if you're registered at open id ( your comments at lj will be allowed to show your blg/name, rather than just have to post anonymously. thanks for leaving your blog address there!

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