Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I never know where to begin with these blog posts. The blog's focus is on our creative endeavors, so I try to stay fairly close to that theme because the posts would be ridiculously long if I started to describe some of our other activities. But this makes it look like knitting is a major obsession that is overtaking our lives, rather than a hobby we enjoy in small snippets in between and during countless other interests and events and those pesky job things that require some of our attention.

Sometimes you can read between the lines, though, and maybe know that the charity knitting happened with a group at a Revolutionary War Reenactment.

Socks were worked on at a farm's open house event, and the stealth knitting got shown off at a big annual party hosted by friends from high school.

(I'd put up a pic of Jesse enjoying this party too, but it's awfully hard to get a good shot of a kid who's trampolining for hours on end.)

My mom put the finishing touches on a baby sweater for a friend's new daughter while we were enjoying a jazz concert after touring a spectacularly renovated house-turned-B&B.

But today there's awesome potential job evolution in the air and I'm feeling a little too twitchy and excited to type, so I'll finish what I need to for the day and maybe let the knitting take priority for the afternoon while I hopefully reach midpoint on the stealth project and mull over the possibilities.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope the awesome job potential whatsit goes well. Knitting is so good for mulling possibilities.

that lavendar baby jacket is just gorgeous.

7:34 AM  

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