Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunday, Fiber Sunday

Yeah, there's still knitting and other creative stuff going on around here, but there has been a lack of blogging about it over the past couple of weeks, mainly because I'm in the never-ending portion of the Hemlock Ring blanket, where it's over 600 stitches per round, not especially portable, and growing at a snail's pace. Rather than bore you with pics of the brown blob in progress, let's instead look at some shots from an absolutely beautiful sunshiny, friend- and fiber-filled yesterday.

Jesse was on a romp with my mom and Scott was laying the brick portion of the new porch foundation, so Leah and I started the day at the Coventry Farmer's Market's Fiber Twist. Unfortunately, the Goob had what is probably her first ever full-blown migraine by the time we got there, so we found her a cool, shady, grassy slope at the edge of the market, where she crashed hard for a 45-min. nap that, in combination with some Tylenol, seemed to work the magic. While she was sleeping, I met up with some new friends to enjoy a dyeing demo by Kris at The Painted Sheep.

As Anna from Annavations was doing a needle felting demo, we bumped into some old friends and eventually wandered off among the fuzzy criters, yummy treats, droolworthy fibers, and smiling faces everywhere.

We bumped into quite a few other folks we know and met more along the way, so the whole thing felt like a big happy festival. Leah picked out some goodies from The Painted Sheep and, of course, at a farmer's market brimming with fresh, locally grown produce and nutritious gourmet delights, she also chose some fudge. :-)

Home for a salad for lunch, to balance out that fudge, then out again to the Farm Day celebration at a historic home turned living history museum in town, where we again ran into friends and acquaintances everywhere we turned, chatted with the sewing ladies, the spinners, the weaver, the llama people, the blacksmith, the artists, the shoemaker (visiting for the day, but previously known to us from Old Sturbridge Village), some of my mom's neighbors, and participated in a little archaeological dig. We were tickled to be recognized from previous visits there and asked with much enthusiasm to consider becoming volunteers with the historical society in our town, since we obviously have such an interest in the fiber arts and support of living history.

Once Leah recovered from her greenish pukey state in the morning, there were countless exclamations of what a great day we were having. Jesse arrived home soon after we did and told us of his day's fun with Grandma. Scott reached his goal for the brick work for the day and we all settled in for a movie in the evening, during which I chugged away on the big blanket rounds and Leah pulled her spinning wheel in front of the TV and dove into the Plummy (burgundy, rose, navy) bluefaced leicester roving, getting it about half spun before the day's end.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounded like you had fun.I went to a fair outside town and got some fudge too! We've still got it!

Please show this comment to Leah.


11:46 AM  

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