Monday, October 01, 2007

an alpacatlatl kind of weekend

This time last year, we were on a Time and Space Romp , enjoying all sorts of interesting events. The calendar this month is similarly filled with so many incredibly good options that it's difficult to decide which things we'll make it to and which we'll have to let slide.

Leah and I and one of Leah's fiber addict friends spent much of Saturday in the company of adorable fuzzyfaces like this critter at Burgis Brook Alpacas, doing a spinning demo as part of National Alpaca Farm Days.

Since the farm is in eastern CT and Scott and Jesse were heading further east to Rhode Island, they dropped us off and continued to the New England Wireless and Steam Museum's Yankee Steam-Up.

The contraptions and enthusiasm at this kind of thing are as heavenly for my mechanically-inclined guys as a day at a fiber event is for the other half of our family.

When Scott and Jesse arrived back at the alpaca farm, we were hopping to keep up with the many visitors who wanted to learn to spin on our wheels and drop spindles. Since both guys have done their fair share of spinning, they pitched in as mentors for some of the guests.

We stopped at the Atlatl Day and Knap-In in Storrs on the way home. Jesse has always been interested in primitive technology skills and that's why we started going to these events, but it's another one of those things that we all enjoy. And since we've been going to these kinds of events (steam, fiber, primitive, etc.) for a few years now, we're consistently recognizing and being recognized by others who share the interests.

Stopped home to restock the cooler and head out for Pipes In the Valley, the Celtic music festival at Riverfront Park in Hartford. We had such a fantastic time at this event last year that we didn't want to miss it this year, even if we could go for just a couple of hours. We ran into more friends within minutes of arriving and enjoyed the evening in a beautiful location with live Celtic music and an equally lively crowd. Whew!

Sunday? A day of rest and recovery.

In this crazy old house, resting means cranking up the good tunes and trying something new, like learning to build a brick foundation. :-)

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