Sunday, September 16, 2007

blogging the goob 2

What do you do when you're a crafty sort of gal and your dad's spending a lot of time at the hardware store to get supplies for a porch renovation project? Well, if you're Leah, you find your way to the free make-it project offered while you're at the store. And if the make-it project happens to be sponsored by ESPN and have a football sort of theme to it? Well, you just hammer away happily and then come home, whip out the box o' paints with the friend who's visiting, and turn the whole shebang into a knitting-themed project!
And on another day when a friend comes over for the afternoon and there's a chill in the air and there's been talk of feltmaking 'round the household? Well, then you pull out some autumn-inspired roving and make tiny felted pumpkins with the friend while your granola bars are baking.
And when it's time to be a devil for Halloween and your family believes half the fun of a Halloween costume lies in making it yourself, you just might choose some sparkly pink/red/gold yarn, knit the horns from a free devil hat pattern and a quick headband to mount them on...

and then proceed to wear your horns around town as a daily hair accessory. :-)
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Blogger amy said...

Those are incredibly cute pumpkins! I also like the devil ears. One year my not-quite-2yo (at the time) wanted to be a monkey, so I knit monkey ears and a monkey tail, then sewed it on a matching sweatshirt. It's still one of my favorite costumes.

I love Sundays because I can combine two of my favorite activities--knitting while I watch football! (I have to do something mindless while my favorite team is on, though!)

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