Monday, September 03, 2007

honey, I shrunk the hat

You know the Lusekofte Cap that I finished last week but it turned out too big? I thought about shrinking it to fit, but I never tried to shrink anything just a little bit. I always want to shrink them to an extreme and usually am able to do so very well. I was concerned that I'd shrink this hat to an extreme too, but with gentle nudges from some blog friends, it occurred to me that I usually check projects that are being shrinkified about eleventy bajillion times along the way, so then I realized that I'll have lots of checkpoints along the way.

So into the wash it went, on HOT with a bit of suds and some towels for more friction. Leah and I checked the progress often, each wearing a towel around our shoulders and a plastic grocery bag on our head so the soggy hat wouldn't make us soggy too. I'm just realizing now, that would've been a great blog picture! ;-)

I am happy to report that the Lusekofte Cap is now the perfect size for all members of our family. We all like it even better now that it has a fuzzier appearance and tighter, warmer fabric. The tassel felted a bit too, as expected, but I was able to just trim its ends to clean it up and it matches the fuzzy felted hat very well.

See? Even lice can be nice!

Off to lobster fest we go!!
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Blogger Lorraine said...

Woot! I knew you could do it. What a clever way to keep the hair dry. I just plunk it on, then take a shower.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous pat said...

Phew!! I was certain from the Title of the post that it had shrunk to a teeny weeny way too small size! and I was feeling guilty for suggesting it...THANK GOODNESS!!

9:54 AM  
Anonymous DebiP said...

Deb---I couldn't locate an email address for you. I just searched your archives. I'm trying to find that link you had on the solar energy company. Can you please send it to me or repost it? Thanks. DebiP

5:32 AM  

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