Thursday, February 15, 2007

blogging the goob

The Santa Fe Sheep, our Spinning Supervisor, has been a busy little sheepie lately, keeping an eye on Scott's fun with wool and also watching Leah spin up a batt from Grafton Fibers.

Like everybody else, the Sheep can't resist patting the soft Corriedale and giving Leah some encouragement about her spinning lately. There's one more batt to go before we decide what this yarn will become, but I have a feeling it'll be used in some sort of Fair Isle design because...

The Goobergirl likes colorwork! Here is her first Fair Isle project, the Madison's Hat pattern, made as part of her participation in Fair Isle February. It's alpaca and a mohair/merino blend, so super soft and fuzzy and oh so warm -- perfect for wearing while we shoveled the driveway today. She has already decided that she needs a coordinating pair of mittens and I have a Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm thrummed mittens kit in the stash, so maybe we'll each do a pair (mine with the kit, hers with the variegated yarn from her hat and roving from the spinning stash).

We spent a little while yesterday morning sorting through that spinning stash. Oh, there are some treasures in there, still waiting to be spun up or wet felted, but Scott already informed me that it's not nearly enough for him and Leah to share. They're planning to enhance the stash and spin their hearts out by the pool (Jesse's destination) at Spa Knit and Spin this weekend.

p.s. Make sure to go to Fair Isle February because a certain somebody came in here after I finished this post and whined that it looks like there's a series of mistakes in the top variegated row in the picture above. What really happened is that the variegated yarn just gets very dark green there and you can see the contrast in real life, but it does look like a mistake in the picture. Anyway, she made me go outside with her for another photo shoot and I posted a diff. picture on Fair Isle February. :-)


Blogger Shelley said...

She did an awesome job on the hat! Way to go!! I can't wait to see what the other yarn becomes - I love the colours in it!

11:24 AM  
Blogger Lorraine said...

So charming. She is really growing in her skills. Enjoy Spa!

3:45 PM  

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