Tuesday, February 13, 2007

wrap and twist

Scott finally got plying. I've been telling him for a year that he's not putting enough twist in when he plies his yarns, and showing him examples of the barberpole stripey goodness I'd like him to aim for, but he didn't seem to understand, or didn't believe that this is the goal, or just didn't quite know how to make it happen. But in the past couple of weeks, he got it.

The Santa Fe Sheep gives Scott's first 3-ply a nod of approval. Two slightly different skeins, both with good twist.

Me? I've been playing with beads and twisting wire, making stitch markers for the Spa Knit and Spin in Maine this weekend. These teensy projects are quite addicting. I'm hoping to make many more before we head north and then have fun giving them all away at random.

Only a few more inches until the first sleeve of my Philosopher's Wool sweater will be finished! I wasn't too psyched about how the color scheme was working up, but I like it more now that it's further along and the colors are more balanced.

Couldn't find just the right colors in our button box, so I stopped in at a store to buy buttons for Leah's cardigan yesterday. Man, it's hard to decide from all the options. I found some that I think will work well, but they're nothing exotic or anything, just some pearly plastic discs, and they cost nearly $10, which is about as much as I paid for the entire sweater's worth of yarn -- sheesh! I've been thinking of asking Scott to start making glass buttons anyway, so this is just another reason why I think he should go for it. Luckily, he agrees. :-)
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello varrell family.
this is jena. im in new york city now. thinking that ill probably come and visit you. can you email me and let me know when a good day is so i can work out how to get there. jenaabbott@hotmail.com
: ) thanx

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