Monday, October 02, 2006

time-space romp, part II

On Saturday, we zoomed from the Renaissance to Ireland (with a stopover in Portland for a refreshing beverage with friends ;-). This was the Celtic music festival called Pipes in the Valley, held at Riverfront Park in Hartford.

It was an absolutely perfect autumn day for some incredible music, including that performed by Albannach, chillin' above before their turn on stage. We parked on the East Hartford side and enjoyed a nice walk along the river and over the bridge to arrive at the festival. Totally cool moment when we realized that was a didgeridoo we heard wafting across the river along with the bagpipes and drums!

We wandered from the Irish step dancing to the long sword demonstrations to the birds of prey and spent lots of time at the caber toss competition. Leah was enchanted by the Celtic knots and Jesse by scoping out who had daggers stuck in their socks, below their kilts. For me, it was all about a destination yet unreached and the sweaters. Oh, the sweaters! Look over in the right margin here (scroll up to beneath the Glastonbury Glassworks logo) to see a collection of pics I took of the beautiful Arans along the way. Posted by Picasa


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