Wednesday, September 27, 2006

and now for something completely different

We spent last Saturday in beautiful Kent, CT, at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association's Fall Festival. My tinkerer boychild was atwitter as he bounced from display to display, chatting with other machine hobbyists, listening intently to explanations, discovering new options, and explaining the inner workings of these machines, in great detail, to those of us who are not so familiar with them. From the steam-powered motorcycle, to the metal casting in sand, to the tractor parade, to the steam train ride and antique steamrollers and whistles and steam-powered organ and chugga-chugga-puffing all over the place, my boy was clearly among his people. Oh yes, he gathered leads and ideas galore, gears turning in that brain of his...and I think I even saw steam coming out of his ears. ;-)
The Antique Machinery Association's fair was on the grounds of the Sloane-Stanley Museum. Among the unexpected a-ha! moments were discovery of a portion of the exhibit dedicated to antique fiber/yarn/knitting/weaving tools, wood burl bowls (like I intend to learn how to make), and connections galore to other places we've visited, including Old Sturbridge Village, Saugus Iron Works, and mines in Pennsylvania (coal), Connecticut (copper), and Austria (salt). A quick stop at Kent Falls on the way home netted us some fantastic pics too. Meanwhile, I had a finished object blocking and drying! I knit this sweater for Leah from Scott's handspun yarn. The pattern was cobbled together with help from Jackie Fee's Sweater Workshop book.
The pattern panel would have shown up better with a solid yarn, but I'm still pleased with how it turned out overall. It'll be roomy for Leah this winter and hopefully will still fit her next winter.

While some of us were among motors and engines this weekend, Scott was in Massachusetts at a Glass Jam. This is a gathering of glasswork artists to play and share and sell/swap and generally have a darn good time. The dichroic pendants were snatched up in a heartbeat by enthusiastic customers and Scott even managed to do a little Cape Cod fishing before heading home again.

Also mixed into the past few days: a football game, romp with Grandma at the Big E, weaving, a 5-mile bike ride, milling two new window sills, reservations in Paris, fun with friends, beads that look like sheep and bobbins/balls of yarn, getting familiar with a new client, making halloween costumes, and assorted swatching for upcoming projects. Posted by Picasa


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