Sunday, September 10, 2006

sumpin' fishy 'round here

This is a break in your regularly scheduled knitterly programming to introduce you to two VERY psyched fishermen.

Here you see Fisherman the Younger on his very first fishing excursion on the Blackhawk. This is a Very Big Deal in Fisherman the Elder's household and tribe, as fishing boats are sacred ground and there are extremely high standards of fishing etiquette to be upheld. This is very serious business. The females of the tribe are insufficiently aware of these standards and way too prone to motion sickness, foregoing a day with stinky fish and the men who love them, choosing instead to spend the day with pristine :::cough, cough::: sheep and the women who love them.

When informed of the imminence of this rite of passage, Fisherman the Younger performed the traditional happy fisherman dance and then set to work, sharpening hooks, loading his tackle box, and outfitting himself with all the Elder's best equipment, including the sacred fishing belt, in which to rest the base of the pole when reeling in the really big ones. The Elder, as always, equipped himself with the red and white striped, filthy, threadbare, and treasured Lucky Fishing Hat .

When the women of the tribe emerge from their fiber binge-induced stupor, they will be treated to a tasty campfire dinner and fish tales galore. Posted by Picasa


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