Friday, April 21, 2006

sourdough ohhh!

Yes, this is a picture of bread, but not just any bread. These are loaves of sourdough and 7-grain bread, baked in our wood-fired earth oven on this fantastic spring day. The crusts are thick and chewy. The inside of the sourdough is light and holey. The grainy bread is incredible, with a toasted, smokey flavor. This is the first time that we've loaded the oven multiple times to bake breads on one firing and had success with each bake!

And yes, I arranged the loaves in this basket and took them outside for a photo shoot in the sunshine. Because I'm just that queer and this bread is that good! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Audrey said...

Y.U.M. These days it's unusual for me to drool over food (unless we're talking pickles or brownies...not usually together!) but those loaves look so incredibly yummy. Makes me want to make my own clay-earth-wood-good-bread-producing oven!

1:33 PM  

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