Friday, April 21, 2006

beads up, spirits up

What a great day yesterday was. I realized early on that if I pushed hard in the morning, I could have most of the day free to soak up the sunshine with my munchkins. We finished some little projects around the house, read a lot under the grape arbor, made flower crowns, weeded the flower garden, and knit a bit. Leah was at a friend's for the evening. Jesse and Scott went fly fishing at our favorite pond. I put together a package for my Gram and put some new beads up on Glastonbury Glassworks. Still can't get Blogger to play nice with Paypal, so there are no Buy buttons. I don't think that's a big deal, but I'll keep looking for a
solution. I did start a Bead Archive, though, because even though some things are no longer available, I think it's worthwhile to still have their pictures up for browsing. Also got us set up with Bloglines and Blogarithm, and will work on figuring out the RSS/XML feed stuff next. But first, there's darn good potential for another day of sunshine and simple pleasures...
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