Friday, April 07, 2006

bead blizzard

Lots of beady (and other) activity here lately. It took me a while to tweak it, but I've pretty much accomplished what I wanted to with the revamped Glastonbury Glassworks, using blog format to make it waaayyy easier to update frequently. More to come there, but it's off to a solid start.

We made a bunch of soap and wool goodies for the La Leche League conference tomorrow, especially mamabead pendants, which will be sold as a fundraiser for United Families for Midwifery Care.

We've also been stringing up some of the newest sets of beads to get them ready for the Glass Bead Extravaganza. Some truly gorgeous sets coming up. It's fun to see them all together and roll them around in my hands!

We decided to make a little "What Is Lampwork?" display for the LLL conference because it seems that the most difficult thing to convey is that Scott actually melts the glass and makes the beads themselves. Hopefully our small display, with a written definition of lampwork and a vase of glass rods, will help people to understand.
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